Tuesday, 24 January 2012


If you’re really new to this, I know one thing that pops in your mind is that “How the heck could you make money on the internet?”
Could I really Make Money on the Internet?
The answer to this, is yes. But what’s most important is that you know how people actually do this. I have never paid a single penny on the Net to make money and have never joined one of those “Get Rich Quick” schemes.
I believe in making money on the internet out of no money or shall I say I want to make money for free, which would be a way better way to begin rather then throwing your money on spam websites and withdrawing your trust from the Net. According to me I recommend two ways of earning money on the Net.
Paid to Click Websites
Basically Paid to click (PTC) websites are websites that pay you a certain amount of money for clicking advertisements. Normally websites pay you 1 cent per click and the more ads you click the more money you make.
However, since there are a limited number of advertisers, the number of advertisements are also limited and are in the range of between 5-15 ads a day. Well if you only stay till this position then you will not be able to make more than $4.5 a month which is actually nothing.
But the interesting thing is that these PTC websites also pay you 1 cent when any of your referrals( Those whom you referred to the PTC website) clicks an Advertisement. So this means that even if you have referred 50 people to the website and if they are all fully active using their account then you make $225 just from your referrals, however I do not encourage people to stop using their accounts in the hope that their referrals will make money for them as I believe that if they become inactive, the more inactive people become, the lesser money all will earn because everyone is a referral of some other account and his/her earnings add earnings to the account of the person who referred him to the website. However, do not hesitate in joining through a referral link as it will not hinder your earnings.
However, these earnings are just in the case of 50 referrals, if you refer more then you can calculate your earnings. Also there is not only 1 PTC website, if you join upto 5 of websites like this you can easily make more than $1000. This is how you earn on a paid to click website.
Running your own Website/Blog
Many people make money on the Net by maintaining a website or a blog. But how they actually make money is by displaying advertisements on their blog or website. I believe this is a far more better way of earning money. However, it may also be noted that it is also far more difficult.
However, those who are using this method are earning much more money as there are many bloggers who are earning more than $10,000 a month. The aim is to increase the number of visitors to your website and then maintain it.
As you usually get paid by advertisers if their advertisements get clicked or the amount of views it gets. But if your blog is famous enough like ShoeMoney or John Chow then you can simply rent out the advertising space at the price you want.
Which way should I choose?
I would recommend that if you’re really new to this, then you should pick the first option i.e. using Paid to click websites as that is way more easier than maintaining a blog or website.
However, if you are an experienced person and you are taking the risk of setting up a website then that is even better, because eventually the money you earn wont be much, but soon it will start to add up and you can earn a quite handsome income on the Net through this.
05/04/09 Note: The first way to make money is no longer recommended as a way to make money and hence the second way is better, a follow-up to this post will highlight more of the second way.

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